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IF Statements

IF statements are usually thought relatively early in Excel courses soon after addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.  For this reason I guess a lot of people consider them to be “basic” formulas.  However, you would probably be surprised by the number of questions I get about IF statements.  Some people don’t fully understand them or find […]

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I receive a lot of requests for help with setting up files/charts (most often in Excel).  Occasionally I think people try to challenge me on purpose by setting certain restrictions. In one case, I was given a table of weekly numbers and asked to visually highlight if one week was higher or lower than the […]

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Styles In Word

Note : This applies to MS Word 2010 and later.  For earlier versions of Word the steps involved maybe different. Styles in Word allow you to quickly format sections of your document – headings, subheadings, paragraphs, indents, etc. When putting together a large document, I use the Styles mostly to highlight headings and subheadings.  One […]

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