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IF Statements

IF statements are usually thought relatively early in Excel courses soon after addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.  For this reason I guess a lot of people consider them to be “basic” formulas.  However, you would probably be surprised by the number of questions I get about IF statements.  Some people don’t fully understand them or find […]

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I receive a lot of requests for help with setting up files/charts (most often in Excel).  Occasionally I think people try to challenge me on purpose by setting certain restrictions. In one case, I was given a table of weekly numbers and asked to visually highlight if one week was higher or lower than the […]

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& Let Us Begin! – Demonstrating Excel Logic

I am asked more and more often to give intermediate-advanced Excel classes.  Aimed at people who are relatively comfortable with Excel and ready to go to the next level.  Most of these students have made attempts at figuring out new formulae themselves, and usually ended up a bit frustrated! For the last year, I have […]

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