About JayTray

Jay is an experienced and enthusiastic effectiveness and performance consultant with extensive coaching, mentoring and training skills. He has a proven ability to analyse performance and identify effective solutions for clients to help them meet their objectives.


Jay has trained in advanced improvement techniques such as:

  • Lean,
  • Six sigma,
  • Mistake proofing, and
  • 5s

He has extensive experience applying these techniques in his own work in the multi-national, professional services and manufacturing sectors. He has also worked privately with organisations, entrepreneurs and private individuals, helping them to enhance their personal and technological effectiveness.

Jay recognises that each client’s requirements are unique. He uses his knowledge, skills and passion for research and innovation to take a problem focused approach to learning and development. This allows him to tailor his training to meet the specific requirements of each client. This results in training which consistently exceeds the expectations of his clients, in the most time and cost effective manner possible.

People call Jay when they need to improve their personal or technological effectiveness. Because the training is designed to meet the client’s specific needs, they will benefit from:

  • Training in a wider range of areas than is usually offered on a typical course
  • Avoiding training which is of no relevance to them
  • Having their training needs met by one course rather than having to take a multitude of courses

Jay typically works with clients to help them:

  • Learn the basics of computers including; email, Facebook, games, photo editing, video and sound,
  • Systems based training,
  • Identify and implement smarter and more effective ways of doing things,
  • Effective process management e.g., reduce waste and rework, and make processes flow smoother.
  • Staff training
  • Workplace organization – where time is spent searching; people are inundated with paperwork or email; mistakes are repeatedly being made; and where people think a lot of time is being spent on a task – Jay can look at ways to reduce that time



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