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How to get filename in Excel

  As a follow on from the last post, I was asked how to get filename in Excel using similar formulas. This can be done with the formula below. =MID(CELL(“filename”),(SEARCH(“[“,CELL(“filename”))+1),(SEARCH(“]”,CELL(“filename”))-6-(SEARCH(“[“,CELL(“filename”))))) Really simple isn’t it?  I bet you were wondering how you didn’t figure it out yourself!! This combines 3 formulas, MID, CELL, and SEARCH. I’ll […]

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Styles In Word

Note : This applies to MS Word 2010 and later.  For earlier versions of Word the steps involved maybe different. Styles in Word allow you to quickly format sections of your document – headings, subheadings, paragraphs, indents, etc. When putting together a large document, I use the Styles mostly to highlight headings and subheadings.  One […]

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