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OEE Solution – Querying Various Sheets

In this post we will pull together formulas that we’ve seen in these posts Formula to get first, second and third highest values Formula to get last row number http://blog.thejaytray.com/excels-indirect-function/ Data Validation Lists COUNTIF Function Before continuing, if you are not familiar with the above posts or functions I would recommend reading them.  Although I […]

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The COUNTIF formula is another very useful formula in Excel for analysing data and getting more information from it. If you have not already read these posts, please take a few minutes to read them now. The post on brackets and commas will show you how to break down longer formulas making them easier to […]

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IF Statements

IF statements are usually thought relatively early in Excel courses soon after addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.  For this reason I guess a lot of people consider them to be “basic” formulas.  However, you would probably be surprised by the number of questions I get about IF statements.  Some people don’t fully understand them or find […]

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