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Just In Time

My first exposure to any process improvements was JIT (Just In Time) Purchasing where goods are purchased and delivered when they are needed and only in the quantities needed. The idea behind this was explained to me (along time ago) by a Warehouse Manager as a way to reduce costs of stocking inventory (storage costs, […]

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The Trinity – 5s Lean and Six Sigma

I have completed separate projects in 5s Lean and Six Sigma.  It was only when asked to explain the differences between them to a person who knew nothing about them that I realized how closely linked they are. An extremely brief, simplistic (non-technical/non-statistical) overview of the 3 are: 5s – Improving workplace organisation, establishing a […]

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Accurate and Precise

Think about two watches, one that has stopped and one that is always 5 minutes fast.  Which one is more precise?  Which one is more accurate?  Is there a difference? In normal, everyday conversations we use the words accuracy and precision interchangeably and to mean the same thing.  This is all well and good in […]

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The Relevance Of Takt Time?

Takt Time, or “the drumbeat of production” sets the pace for cycle times so that customer demand is met. Using an assembly line as an example, the cycle time may be the time to move product to the next station. In an ideal world, the takt time and cycle time would be the same to avoid shortages […]

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