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So, you can display text and images on screen, you can insert numbered lists and bullet point lists, you can change elements of the page, but you’re probably not feeling as warm and fuzzy about your website as you feel. Let’s look at HTML5 CSS Layout now, “div” in particular and then hopefully you will […]

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CSS Selectors

CSS Selectors allow us to target and style specific elements of our webpage. In the last post,  we applied borders and fonts to different headers in our page.   The different level headers (h1, h2, h3) are different elements of the page.  In the CSS file, we use CSS selectors to select and style those […]

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CSS Border

Improve the look of your website with borders. They are easy to create and useful for separating sections of your page and improving the look of the site. CSS borders should not be mistaken for tables.  Tables contain rows, columns, cells and may or may not have borders.  A CSS border on the otherhand, is […]

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CSS Basics

To improve the look and layout of webpages, CSS is often used alongside HTML. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can dramatically improve the look of your page with just a few small changes. If you’re following the HTML series of posts below you will have created 3 relatively bare looking pages. HTML Basics HTML Lists HTML […]

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Basics of HTML Images

Without images and other media, websites can be as boring as phone books (remember those?). In this post I will show you how to add images to your HTML pages.  The code for HTML images is relatively straightforward. If you have been following this series of posts, this is the 4th post in the series. […]

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Basics of HTML Links

If you’re following the series of posts, you will have created two basic html web pages so far, one called “index” and one called “music”. If you haven’t been following the posts, you can read them from here if you want… Basic HTML Page Basic Lists You do not need to follow these posts, if […]

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HTML Basics of Lists

This post will go through creating simple lists for your website.  It covers ordered lists, unordered lists, definition lists and nested lists. In the last blog post we created a file called “index.html”. Click here to review the blog if you haven’t read through it already and want to continue following this series. If you’re […]

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HTML Back To Basics

As you look at websites, do you ever wonder about how it was made? Did it cost thousands to create? Was it made by a 45 year old virgin living in his mother’s basement? These thoughts are not entirely true. You can write your own website for free.  It is true that there are some […]

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