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Layout With Columns

Improving your layout with columns is easy to do.  Whether you want to set a layout with 3 columns, or a 3 column layout, it’s simply and gives very different results. I say 3 columns, but this could be 2, 4, 5 whatever you want (the more columns you have, the less impressive the page […]

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So, you can display text and images on screen, you can insert numbered lists and bullet point lists, you can change elements of the page, but you’re probably not feeling as warm and fuzzy about your website as you feel. Let’s look at HTML5 CSS Layout now, “div” in particular and then hopefully you will […]

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CSS Selectors

CSS Selectors allow us to target and style specific elements of our webpage. In the last post,  we applied borders and fonts to different headers in our page.   The different level headers (h1, h2, h3) are different elements of the page.  In the CSS file, we use CSS selectors to select and style those […]

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