The best way, or just another way?

crossroads to demonstrate different ways


Everybody has different preferences, speed and level of skill in life in general, not just on computers.

Too often I hear the phrase “this is the best way” when it’s not necessarily the best way, but just another way.  “This is how I do it” or “Here is another way to do it” are probably better phrases to use in these cases.

Unless that person can show me evidence that they have extensively researched all possible ways to do something and have been closely watching me using a computer to estimate my skill level and preferences, any time that person tells me about “the best way to do” something, in my head I replace those words with “another way to do it”.

For example, an advanced user might prefer setting up tool-bars and options in a certain way while another user might prefer to stick with the default settings because they know where everything is – who is right here?  Neither method is the best way, they are just different ways.

So, the next time somebody approaches you to tell you the best way way to do something, in your mind replace that line with “this is how I do it”.  Nobody knows your level of comfort with the mouse/keyboard shortcuts/menus/formulas/etc better than you.

Try the other way, if it works for you, fine, if not you may be adding to a task or taking longer.  The only advice I will give will be to find the best way for you.

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