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The first PowerPoint Animation tip I would give any client would be to leave it to the end!!

I’ve seen so many presentations with good content ruined by poor attempts at animation which end up making the whole presentation look rushed and devalues the good content.

I have even been told by some people that I must spend way too long at animating presentations – which I don’t, I just leave it to the end.


However, over the years I have seen why people think this way.

I have watched users painstakingly animate, make changes, animate, make changes and animate again.

My advise to them….. leave it to the end!

Get the content of your presentation right first and then only use animation that adds to your presentation.

Remember you’re not competing against Disney here!  Leave the animation movies to them.

Also, by getting the content right you only have to animate once.


I have even sat through a presentation where the presenter talked about point 1, then 3, then 4 and then 5 before point 2 came on screen.  I could see the panicked and confused look in her face as she continued her presentation.

Afterwards she asked me what went wrong, I wasn’t there when she was putting the presentation together, but I asked if she was animating her presentation as she was designing it – she was.  Then I asked if she had finished animating that particular slide and then either added point 2 or moved around the points – she changed the order of the points, but forgot to change the order of animation too!!


Use the animation pane and other tricks to speed up the animation process and get it right first time.

The next few blogs will cover areas of PowerPoint, some tips, tricks and survival techniques.

So keep an eye out for them, but for now….. remember to leave animation to the end!!

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